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The international Halal industry is a huge part of the global economy, generating revenues of approximately 3-5 Trillion US Dollars. This includes US$ 600 Billion attributed to the Halal Food Market and US$ 200 Billion to Non-Food Market. There are over 1.7 Billion Muslims worldwide, which means that more than ¼ of the world population is Muslim. Yet, many products are being produced without the Halal certification, automatically limiting their target market. Halal brands are a major acceptance for Muslims these days and a ‘Must’ for surviving in the market.

Demand for Halal products exceeds its supply, both for Food and Non-Food related products. In many Muslim populated states it is also a requirement. Pakistan is a well accepted Islamic nation practicing this on a very good level. Big trade opportunities for Pakistani Halal certified products exist from the Middle-East, Africa and Non-Islamic countries with significant Muslim population.


HIRC Halal Certifications is a socially responsible non-commercial enterprise assisting companies across Pakistan to acheive Halal compliance in various sectors including food, pharmaceuticals, finance and services.